Not only was I given a leave pass but Emma also organised flights to get Kane up here for a 3 day/3 night fishing trip. We went out on a 52 foot boat with 7 other passengers and 4 crew. Kane and I got on the boat and decided rather than going to sleep at 8pm while the boat motored through the night to our first fishing destination we would stay up and have a very important business meeting whilst at the same time consuming 60% of our supplies for the trip. Needless to say many great ideas were had. Up early the next morning for bacon and egg muffins and straight into the fishing.

The boat was constantly moving to different secret fishing spots, sometimes in search of specific fish and sometimes because it was time to move. The boys on the boat from the company Ara Fura were fantastic and the fishing was awesome. Some of what we caught over the three days were giant trevally, coral trout, cod, Spanish mackerel, red emperor, snapper, tuna, stripy and tricky emperors.

92a Fishing 3 small

On the 2nd night we had steak for dinner and the remaining 40% of supplies. Night three, after evening fishing when an enormous Dewfish was caught we were early to bed as supplies were exhausted and so were we.

Highlights included Tom hauling in a massive shark, which took about 20 minutes to land. Finding a floating bloated dead croc. After extracting two teeth, we let the stench go.92a Fishing 2 small

Spotting a school of Mack Tuna feeding on baitfish, spinning with lures we were able to land four of them. 92a Fishing 1 small

This was an amazing experience and well worth the effort. Plans are already underway to do a 5-day charter in November 2014. If you are keen to join us please let Tom know.


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