Day 93. Darwin

Off this morning to see the Jumping Crocs on the Adelaide River. The wetlands around there are full of saltwater crocodiles and there are a few tours on the river that do jumping crocs thing. Essentially it is hanging a bit of meat off a pole and the crocs jump to grab it. It sounds a bit ordinary but it was amazing to see these crocs jump so high. They go from being perfectly still in the water to being almost entirely out of the water. They use their tails to propel themselves up; they do this when hunting to catch birds or animals sitting in overhanging branches.

93 Jumping Crocs 1 small

93 Jumping Crocs 2 small

93 Jumping Crocs 3 small

As you can see, they are very close to the boat as well so you definitely did not want to lean out, or even hang your hands over the edge.

93 Jumping Crocs 4 small

We returned to Darwin, picked up Kane and Tom’s fish from their trip, which had been frozen and packed for Kane to take back to Melbourne. We then went to Mindil Market another sunset, another fire show, more delicious food and a few purchases.

93 mindil beach small


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