Day 101. Elsey National Park to Daly Waters

Where we were staying at the Territory Manor Caravan Park, they hand feed the barramundi in their pond. The three boys had a go feeding them. A couple of Barra facts, rather than bite they actually suck their food in along with the water, also they start their life as males and when they get to about 60-80cm long they change into females. That means a barra lady always has a toy boy.

101 Barra feeding 1 small

We then went to Mataranka Springs, which had even more people in it than Bitter Springs, and although the soak was nice it is not that picturesque with concreted steps and walls to the pool.101 Mataranka Springs smallWe did find a spot that when you stepped on released bubbles of the spring water which felt like you were in a glass of soft drink which was fun. Such an effervescent feeling. Leaving the boys in the pool Tom and I went for a little walk around where we discovered Rainbow Spring, which is the source spring; this was very serene as no one is allowed to swim here.

Back near the car park is a replica of the Elsey Station Homestead. It was made for the 1981 filming of We of the Never Never. The book if you do not know was written by Jeannie Gunn and is about her year spent at Elsey Station. She arrived there in 1902 with her husband Aeneas who was the manager of the station and was one of the first white women in the area. I read the book while here and might now need to see the movie to play spotto of places we have been. The real sites of the homestead and cemetery are a few kilometres down and off the road.

101 Elsey Homestead small

By late morning we had left the area to our destination Daly Waters. There is basically nothing here except a pub and a huge dusty campground. The reason everyone stops is to go to the pub, look at all the paraphernalia that adorns the walls, partake in the famous Beef ‘n’ Barra BBQ and listen to the nightly entertainment. The headline act at the moment is a bloke called Chilli, an ex rodeo clown, great storyteller and bush balladeer. He even had an accompanying slide show of his travels around Australia. The food was surprisingly good and the whole experience was well worth the stop.

101 Daly Waters small

More of The Secret Seven – we are almost done.



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