Day 102. Daly Waters to Devil’s Marbles

Today, after a slow start, was mostly taken up with a long drive down the Stuart Highway, just over 500km. Not much to report about the drive, except that the further south we went we could notice the change from tropical to a drier flatter landscape.

Aghhh I looked at the weather report and radar for Alice Springs, maximums in the teens and bucketing down. We are not at all pleased about this. We have not had rain since the start of the Gibb River Road, about 2 months ago and cannot remember the last time we had temperatures that low.

102 Devils Marbles our camp smallWe arrived at the Devil’s Marbles mid afternoon to find the camping area already filling up but there was enough room for us. The Devils Marbles or Karlu Karlu which literally translate as ‘round boulders’ are a collection of gigantic rounded granite boulders, many of which are precariously balanced on top of one another. They were formed from molten rock that cooled and became solid beneath a layer of sandstone. Vertical and horizontal fractures occurred creating rectangular blocks. Over time, the extreme desert temperatures forced the expansion and contraction of these blocks and slabs to flake off like the skin of an onion. Voila a photographers delight. We walked around and over the boulders. There are more than I thought there would be and spread over a wider area. The boys had a fabulous time disappearing into gaps and suddenly appearing on top of a group of rocks, Tom had a fabulous time taking photos.

102 Devils Marbles 1 small

102 Devils Marbles 2 small

Hindhaugh Rock Art.102 Devils Marbles 3 small

Some artistic ones.

102 Devils Marbles BW small

And then more at sunset.

102 Devils Marbles sunset small

Please note that these are only a fraction of the photos that were taken, and wading through them takes ages. This is one of the reasons the blog is so far behind. I am trying to catch up,

Music – Queen, The Secret Seven (the last of it), Fat Boy Slim



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