Day 106. Alice Springs – Camel Cup

106 Railway small

Today was the Lasseter’s Camel Cup we went there with the Foxes and another family. This family are friends of the Foxes from Adelaide; they had come up to travel with them for the 2 weeks of the South Australian school holidays. The cup was held at the showgrounds about a kilometre walk from where we were staying. We did want the locals do, cross the dry Todd riverbed and then walk down the railway tracks.


The camel races are advertised as temperamental, terribly unpredictable and very entertaining, and they definitely lived up to the press. The ridiculously gangly running style and unscheduled u-turns had us all laughing. One of my highlights was the Honeymoon Hump. This is where the ‘Groomsmen’ begin the race as usual, but halfway around the track they have to pick-up their ‘brides’ and then the sprint to the finish. The kids all thought it was hilarious when I told them of my past life as a camel jockey in the honeymoon hump. True story, but maybe for another time.

106 Camel Cup 1 small

106 Camel Cup 2 small

Apart from the camel races the 6000 strong crowd were entertained by a Rickshaw Iron Man Challenge, the crowning of Mr and Miss Camel Cup, and a water fight between the Vikings and the pirates. These two ‘boats’ are used in the Henley on Todd Regatta, the fire brigade got in on the action as well.

106 Camel Cup 3 small

In the evening, we had final goodbye drinks with the Foxes. The kids watched Crocodile Dundee, which they all found hysterical and it was great fun playing spot the locations, as Kakadu features a bit. The adults were more intent on watching the lightening storm. The strikes were surrounding us and we were all hoping that any rain would avoid us and not dump any rain on the West MacDonnell Ranges. We wanted the roads to dry out and open in the next few days or else we would have to have significant changes of plan. Once again, things worked out perfectly.

Before the final farewell Craig Fox declared the final ‘we have a plan’ of the trip and so, we do, FNQ – Far North Queensland in 2015.


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