Day 110. Finke Gorge National Park

110 Finke NP camp small

Tom is still feeling sick so we have decided to stay here for another day. Not really a problem as it is so beautiful here and the weather perfect. I do hope that the penicillin kicks in quickly though.

The boys and I went for a walk to Kalarranga Lookout, with views over an area known as the amphitheatre. As the name suggests it is a semi circle of dramatic sandstone formations. With Tom in bed I did my best at impersonating him, taking lots of photos. Ben said although I was trying I still was not up to dads standard.

110 Finke NP walk 1 small110 Finke NP walk 2 small

In the afternoon Tom was feeling a bit better and we drove into Palm Valley. This was along a rough 4WD track with water crossing and with Tom feeling poorly he had to let me do it. Not a problem! In fact, the boys said maybe I should drive more. The valley is actually a narrow gorge, and is home to towering red cabbage palms and cycads. These rare palms are found nowhere else in the world and survive because of the constant water supply. The sandstone absorbs the water and gradually releases it.

110 Palm Valley 1 small

Tom and Patrick opted for the shorter 2 km Arankaia walk, while Sam, Ben and I did the 5km Mpulungkinya track. It was quite warm and we were not to upset when we had to take our shoes off and wade through the water during part of the walk.

110 Palm Valley small

110 Palm Valley 2 small

Back at camp, we once again enjoyed the spectacular colours of the sandstone, especially at sunset when they really looked like they were aglow.

110 Finke NP camp sunset small

The dingo stole my rubbish”    That evening, even though I had suspended our rubbish bag, it was obviously not high enough as one of the local dingos ripped the bottom out of the bag only to be rewarded by a bombardment of tins. We had seen them walking around and through the campsite previously and were only about 20 metres away at the time enjoying a communal campfire.

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