Day 115. Yulara to Coober Pedy

Today we started the trip home, with a number of stops along the way. We were up early for a long driving day, a touch over 730km. It was literally freezing when we packed up; the temperature was 0.5 degrees, with an apparent temperature of minus 4 degrees. An early start and breakfast of croissants in the car meant we made it to the Stuart Hwy by a bit after 10am. That was a third of the drive done before morning tea and our first stop. About an hour later we crossed the border into South Australia. Further on we had lunch in Marla, which is the northern end of the Oodnadatta Track. We did not turn off here as we were continuing on to Coober Pedy so missed the top part of the track…next time.

22 Signs and Driving small

22 Driving small

Out of all the places we have been this drive took us through the most desolate, and boring scenery. It was flat with very long distances between anything. I spent the drive blogging, trying to catch up, and for the first time the boys were allowed to play on iPads and watch movies. We past a big accident where a car and caravan had flipped. There were lots of people in attendance so we were waved through. We did not hear anything on the news about it so we presume everyone was relatively ok.

22 Coober Pedy small

115 CP drive smallAs we approached Coober Pedy there were little, and big, mounds of dirt on the side of the road, signs of underground mining. Coober Pedy supposedly means ‘white fellow’s hole in the ground’ in the local language. There are over 250,000 shafts in the area and lots of signs warning you not to fall down them.

22 Coober Pedy signs smallAs well, about half the population live in dug outs which maintain a mid 20° temperature despite outside the days in summer exceeding 50° and the freezing nights in winter. We set up camp in the over priced campgrounds, had dinner, enjoyed the sunset and off to bed.22 Coober Pedy sunset small

Music – the continuation of the alphabet: L = Led Zeppelin, M = Manfred Mann, & Marvin Guy, N = Nirvana, O = Oasis, P = Pearl Jam, Q = Quincy Jones, R = Red Hot Chilli Peppers, S = Split Ends

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