Day 118. Farina to Jamestown

118 Horizon smallWe packed up at our beautiful bush camp and headed off stopping for breakfast at the Bush Bakery in a little town called Copley. Driving through the town at a very low speed we went over a gutter drain and the car and van literally got airborne, with stuff flying through the car. We sorted everything out inside the car and continued on our way. Seemingly with no problems.

118 Flinders Ranges small

From here to home via the most direct route is all sealed roads but we couldn’t help ourselves and were drawn to the dirt roads and a few detours through the Flinders Ranges.


We turned off at Parachilna and drove to Blinman, this drive took us through Parachilna Gorge. It was beautiful and even though we enviously looked at the camping spots along the way, we were determined to make it home this weekend, only 3 weeks later than our initial estimated arrival date. So reluctantly we kept going.

118 Paranchilla Gorge small

Blinman, now a quaint little hamlet used to be a prosperous copper mine. Tom remembers stories that were told to him about his dad Jamie and the night he made friends with the barman at the Blinman Hotel. His parents had off loaded the kids and headed up to the Flinders Ranges for a weekend away, Jamie proceeded to have a big night while Jan went off to bed. Seems the seed does not fall far from the tree.

118 Blinman small

The next detour took us through Brachina Gorge and along the geological trail. This drive passes a series of exposed sedimentary rock covering 120 million years of earth history. We do love rocks – and even better driving the 20 km trail rather than walking it. We saw fantastic rock faces and even did a few rocky river bed crossings, although there was not too much water to worry about. We did laugh when we were behind a grader for a bit of the drive. It was moving rocks rather than getting rid of corrugations. We continue to get the best of the graders.

118 Water over the Road small

188 Water small

At a stunning lookout, we stopped for lunch only to discover a slow leak in one of the tvan tyres. We had become quite proficient in changing tyres and even the boys could not believe we were that fast at changing it. Quicker than the time it took them to eat a pie.

118 Brachina Gorge small

The last and final detour was on the Moralana Scenic Drive. True to form the rougher the road, the quicker the boys fell asleep so by the end of it only Tom and I were awake. We promised the kids this was the last unsealed road, so at Hawker we got onto the RM Williams Way that would take us to Clare. We did not quite make it to Clare that night and instead opted for Jamestown.

We arrived late into the caravan park and there were dark clouds forming so we decided on a cabin for the night. There ended up being no rain but it was a good chance to catch up on the blog and for Tom to try to knock off some photos. He spent a lot of time complaining about too many panoramas. They take ages to stitch together, but do look so good.

118 Flinders Ranges end small

Music – The Beatles, Indigo Girls, The Whitlams

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