Day 119. Jamestown to Gawler

After an indulgent cooked breakfast in our kitchenette, we continued along the RM Williams Way. It was 75km to Clare and we decided that when you are in Clare you must go to a winery. So we did and this was very lucky. We stopped at Mr Micks a beautiful old building, with a nice guy serving us some tasty and reasonably priced wine. After a few purchases, we went back to the car. When we started driving Ben and I both felt something was wrong so got out of the car for further investigation and boy was something wrong.

Two of the five studs holding the wheel on the right side of the van had sheared off. By the time we had pulled over to the side of the road another was gone. What a near miss! If we had not stopped at the winery we would have gone straight through town and would have been going at 100 kph. Who knows what damage that would have done to the car, camper, not to mention if someone was coming the other way only to be confronted by a rogue runaway tyre?

Thankfully, it was Friday and we called a local mechanic who said he would come and have look. We filled a couple of daypacks, walked into the town of Clare, and discovered a great cafe called Wild Saffron. Brunch for everyone, Sam and I shared an enormous and seriously delicious ploughman’s platter. It was so big we had to take the cheese for a later snack. Filled up the boys and I discovered the Clare Library, housed in the gorgeous historic Institute building. We hung out there for a few hours, reading and playing games while Tom and the mechanic got the wheel off, fixed and back on again.

Yay! Back on the road again, we pumped out 90km and made it to Gawler. Looks like if we want to make it home tomorrow it will be a big day of driving. We were hoping to do 3-4 times the distance that we managed today. Ah, we should not and are not complaining. What was so close to being a disaster really has ended up as just an inconvenience. Surprisingly we had a very nice day, albeit a little stressful.

We stayed in another cabin tonight; we need an early start tomorrow and a TV to watch the Hawthorn vs. Essendon football match. The top of the table clash. Lets just say Ben and I were very happy, Tom not so.

As you can understand no photos were taken today. Way too stressful!

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