Day 120. Gawler to Home

It is 750km from Gawler to home according to our rediscovered friend Google Maps. We want to be home today, so we have a day to settle before the boys go back to school. Also, Ben was dying to get back to play football tomorrow. We all knew because of the delay yesterday it would be along day if we were to make it. We left and noticed a bit of a wobble that seemed to be from the front left wheel of the Toyota. After a rudimentary check, we pushed on figuring we had probably done something minor to the wheel alignment when the car flew in Copley a few days earlier. Our diagnosis was not quite correct when we returned to Melbourne and got the car service we found out we had broken the rim of the tyre and what was supposed to be round was now a little squarish. The mechanic had never seen anything like it and could not believe we had done it. Never mind, really a cheap fix, a new tyre, this was fine as after 20,000km all tyres were being replaced.

Today as it was a long drive for the second time on the trip, the kids were allowed movies and iPads. Tom and I shared the driving and apart from a stop for lunch at Bordertown, and a few toilet breaks, there was nothing to report. What was noticeable was how green and lush everything was.

We arrived home at about 5:30.The house seemed enormous; it felt like it had expanded while we were away, and I felt a little like Alice in Wonderland when she had shrunk in the White Rabbits house. It took a few days but the house is shrinking back to its normal size. Being home is completely surreal.

We are all pleased to be in our own beds and Ben so excited to be playing football tomorrow.

Again no photos and I can’t even remember the music. I am guessing the radio and some AFL games.

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